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Advocacy Information for Survivors

Your Advocacy Agencies

Center for Community Solutions
(858) 272-5777
24-hour CrisisLine 1-888-272-1767

EYE Counseling and Crisis Services
(858) 486-4998 or (760) 747-6281

Women's Resource Center, North County
(760) 757-3500

As a survivor of a sexual assault you are entitled to have an advocate and/or support person with you during; evidentiary exams, detective interviews, deputy district attorney interviews, defense attorney interviews and court proceedings.

The advocate is present to provide you with accurate factual information and emotional support throughout this confusing and sometimes overwhelming process. Information you choose to share privately with your advocate is privileged and therefore CONFIDENTIAL. Advocates do not disclose any information without your signed and written permission (with the clear exception of possible child abuse, elder abuse, suicide, and homicide).

The investigation process begins almost immediately, sometimes before an advocate is able to contact you. Occasionally, appointments are scheduled on such short notice that you may feel that you have to go alone. This is not true. By law, you have the right to an advocate (Penal Code 679.04). Advocates are available and can accompany or assist you:

  • Anytime the detective asks you for an interview.
  • Anytime the detective asks you to make a pre-text phone call, do a photo line-up, or anything else requested as part of the criminal investigation process.
  • Any time the deputy district attorney asks you to come in for an interview.
  • Anytime anyone asks you to do an interview over the phone, it is your right to request a conference call with your advocate.
  • Anytime you receive a subpoena to appear regarding the sexual assault case.
  • Anytime there is a court proceeding that you want to attend even if you are not subpoenaed, i.e. an arraignment or bail review hearing.
  • Anytime you have questions and/or concerns.
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