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Sexual Assault Speaker's Bureau

In addition to investigating crimes of sexual violence, the Sex Crimes Unit created a Sexual Assault Speaker's Bureau in 1993 to educate the community about ways to reduce the risk of sexual assault. The Bureau hopes that by reaching out to the community, they will break down barriers and make it easier for the community to openly talk about sexual assault. Approximately 80% of sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows and trusts. Many sexual assault victims may have made choices that could have reduced their risk if they had been more informed about the dynamics and prevalence of sexual assault. According to the 1998 National Crime Victimization Survey, rape continues to be the least reported of all violent crimes.

The Speaker's Bureau is made up of over 30 volunteers. The volunteers have completed extensive training in sexual assault and acquaintance rape. The Bureau includes San Diego Police officers, civilian police employees, community members, prosecutors, and victim advocates.

One of the Bureau's primary goals is to present information about sexual assault to high school and middle school students. The Speaker's Bureau formed a partnership with the San Diego City Schools in 1995. During the 2000-2001 school year, trained speakers made 205 presentations to over 7,000 high school and middle school students.

The Speaker's Bureau also makes presentations to professional and community service organizations by request. For more information, call the Sex Crimes Unit at (619) 531-2210.

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