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San Diego Traffic Offender Program (STOP)

A 1990 study completed by the Department of Motor Vehicles revealed that 65% of all suspended license drivers and 71% of all revoked drivers were likely to continue driving during the suspension/revocation period.

The California Office of Traffic Safety has awarded the San Diego Police Department a two year grant to combat suspended/revoked and unlicensed drivers. The STOP Team was created to specifically target the suspended/revoked and unlicensed driver in the City of San Diego.

The STOP Team objective is to cite or arrest drivers who are driving on a suspended/revoked license. The officers will serve warrants for those drivers, conduct stakeouts or "stings" on multiple DUI offenders and arrest them if they are observed driving.

The goal of the STOP Team is to reduce the involvement of suspended and unlicensed drivers in felony hit and run, fatal injury, and DUI collisions.

If you have any information regarding a person who is driving with a suspended or revoked license, please call the STOP Team at (858) 495-7830. Be prepared to give the following information:

  • Driver's name
  • Driver's date of birth or age
  • Driver's license number
  • Driver's address
  • Driver's vehicle license number
  • The best time and location to apprehend the individual while driving (example: time they leave for work).
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