Under Mayor Kevin Faulconer's leadership, the Office of Protocol acts as the international affairs office for the City of San Diego. The office provides assistance in planning visits and welcoming high-level guests, dignitaries, diplomats, high-level domestic/international government officials, senior military officials from the U.S. and around the world, celebrities, and other distinguished guests to San Diego and City Hall. The Protocol Office often represents the Mayor in welcoming and assisting these guests and hosting special events for international visitors. The office corresponds with and serves as liaison to foreign government officials, dignitaries, consular corps, the San Diego International Sister Cities Association and the International Affairs board. The office plans executes and supports a wide range of ceremonial and official functions hosted by the Mayor of San Diego. The office maintains and manages all Mayoral gift archives, presentation of gifts to visitors, as well as, gifts to the Mayor and the City of San Diego.

In addition to providing hospitality to these visitors, the office advises the Mayor, City's elected officials and department representatives on international protocol including customs and communication skills.

The Office of Protocol is a resource that provides information, assistance, and service to the international community, businesses, and residents of the City of San Diego.

Other duties of the Office of Protocol include:

  • Consular Corps Liaison
  • Military/Protocol relations
  • Representation of the Mayor and the City of San Diego at meetings and events
  • Provide protocol assistance and recommendations when requested on matters of rank, order of precedence, seating, speaking order, invitation/invitation lists, etc.
  • Liaison to San Diego International Sister Cities Association
  • Promoting the City of San Diego's agenda for policy and best practices on a global level
  • Respond to requests from foreign governments, the United Nations, Department of State
  • Advise City of San Diego agencies and departments on diplomatic and consular matters
  • Respond and provide guidance to diplomatic and consular related issues
  • Support foreign based companies to access the necessary information and resources in order to operate a business in San Diego
  • Coordinate and respond to foreign businesses and investors who meet with staff
  • Create opportunities to connect the international community with the local organizations such as the Regional Chamber of Commerce and the EconomicDevelopment Corporation
  • Ensures appropriate protocols are observed when foreign dignitaries visit San Diego Promotes international business, tourism and cultural exchanges increasing international understanding and cultural awareness

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the City of San Diego; America's Finest City.