San Diego

3D Printing & Scanning

Lab Policy

  • You can have one item printed per day up to 2 hours a day.
  • Machines are available for use on a first come first served basis.
  • For print jobs longer than 2 hours, appointment is required (minimum 1 week notice would be ideal)
  • Patron must bring in .stl file format for objects to be printed.
  • All files will be inspected and sliced by lab volunteer/staff prior to printing.
  • Only Lab staff/volunteers can operate the 3D printers.
  • Computers in lab are for scanning and slicing 3D objects only.
  • The library reserves the rights to close down the lab at anytime for programs or maintenance with little or no notice.

Cost of Printing & Information on Filament

  • 3D printing & 3D scanning are free at Central Library at this time.
  • The library provides PLA filament for all print jobs.
  • We rotate through different filament colors throughout the year.
  • Donations to help offset cost of filament at the rate of $1/hr. are appreciated. 

Printers & Scanners

Resources & Support

Since our Maker Lab opened, 3D printing has been very popular. We found that the most rewarding thing about 3D printing is being able create your own 3D models. 

Free Downloadable Software for 3D Modeling:

Free Web Based Software for 3D Modeling:

Other Fun Sites:

  • 123DCatch - Create 3D file from images
  • Thingiverse - A library of free 3D files you can download to print
  • Meshmixer - Combining multiple 3D files to create a new file
  • Cookie Caster - Create a cookie cutter by creating a 2 dimensional design