San Diego

Laser Cutter

The Maker Lab currently has an Epilog Helix 50W laser cutter.  

Lab Policy

  • Laser is only available for workshops and the library's Entrepreneur-in-Residence program.
  • Library staff must review and approve all materials prior to using the laser.

Using the Laser Cutter

  • The use of the machine is free.
  • Library does not provide the materials, but we will review all materials.
  • Laser does include a rotary attachment for circular objects.
  • The Epilog laser will recognize files in .PDF and Corel Draw  format. 
  • 0.001 inch will tell laser to cut and any lines larger than 0.001 inch will cause laser to rasterize or engrave the line/image.
  • Epilog Helix is a CO2 laser and can cut/engrave only certain materials

Resources & Support

Classes & Workshops:

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