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This website, named after the late Isabel Schon, provides information about high-quality books in Spanish for children and adolescents published around the world as well as noteworthy books in English about Latinos. These books deserve to be read by Spanish-speaking children and adolescents (or those who wish to learn Spanish) and English speakers to increase their understanding and appreciation for the people and culture of Latin America, Spain and Latino-heritage people in the United States.

The books have been selected as the best on the basis of their presentation of material, quality of art and writing and appeal to the intended audience. They contain recent information, as well as being entertaining and possessing high potential for interest or involvement of the reader, and, as opposed to many dull, didactic books or books that contain obsolete information or expose a limited or one-sided view of Latino/Hispanic people, customs, or countries, these are refreshing, imaginative, or illuminating books that present new insights and knowledge.

Readers undoubtedly will miss one or more favorite books; unfortunately, time limitations or the director's lack of awareness necessitate some omissions, even of books that are worthy of inclusion.

To facilitate access, users will find bibliographic information, reading level and subject headings (in both English and Spanish) for each book. Monthly updates of recent titles are provided.