Guidelines for Use by Community Councils

The San Diego City Council has requested that Library Meeting Rooms be made available outside Library hours to sanctioned community organizations that serve in an advisory capacity to the Council. Accordingly, the following Guidelines have been developed to facilitate use of Meeting Rooms at Branch Libraries of the San Diego Public Library facilities. ? Applications:

  1. An PDF icon application form must be completed and submitted to the Branch annually in October. Others will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a limit of 2 (two) meetings of any such organization per month, thereby allowing for other community use.
  2. Notification of cancellation of a meeting must be made at least 2 (two) weeks prior to scheduled meeting.

Key Access for After Hours Use

  1. Where key access is necessary, an organization annually should identify up to three individuals who will be responsible for obtaining a City key to the Library building from the library. A designated representative should be prepared to present identification to Library staff at the time of check-out. Only these three designated users will be able to sign out a key.
  2. The City key will be signed out on the day of the meeting and must be returned as soon as possible during the next working day. There will be a $5.00 per day late charge. There is a $25.00 charge for a lost key. The City key is not transferable among organizations or individuals. The key may not be duplicated.
  3. The Branch alarm code with instructions will be given to the designated individual. This code is not to be given to any other individual. Revealing the alarm code may compromise the security of the building.
  4. Entry must be made by the designated door; attempted entry at other Library doors will trigger an alarm. Library staff will provide orientation prior to the first meeting.

Kitchen Privileges and Fundraising

  1. Meeting room kitchens may be used for preparation of coffee and light refreshments only. Other uses of kitchen facilities require cleaning deposits, catering fees, etc. See Meeting Room Regulations.
  2. Fundraising events fall under the regular Meeting Room Policies.

Room Use and Condition

  1. Chair and table set-up is the responsibility of the organization. Furniture should be returned to the storage cabinet/stacking carts, etc., depending on the set-up of each individual Branch, unless the Library staff has requested otherwise.
  2. Trash removal is your responsibility. Please provide large plastic bags for this purpose.
  3. Nothing should be mounted or attached to the walls. You need to provide your own easels and equipment. City audio-visual equipment will not be available unless an after-hours Library monitor has been scheduled at the usual after-hours room rate.
  4. No Library staff will be available to set up or clean the room for the next user.
  5. Unless after hours use is arranged, al meeting organizations and those attending must exit the building 15 minutes before closing. Please be meticulous about turning off all lights, locking doors, and arming the building security system prior to exiting.


San Diego Public Library reserves the right to suspend usage by any group that does not abide by the stated Guidelines. The regular Meeting Room Policies will be applied in cases not covered by these Guidelines.

Department Instruction 21-15 APPENDIX B
Effective April 2003