Meeting Room Guidelines for Use by City Departments

In addition to the regulations and conditions governing the use of the meeting rooms by the general public, the Library requests that City Departments observe the following guidelines:


Please do not use desk telephones in the public area. Staff telephones in the work areas should be used only on an emergency basis and with staff permission. Pay telephones are available near most meeting rooms.


Because of limited space for library patrons, please arrange for parking off site rather than in the Library parking lot.


A temporary sign will be placed at the entrance or entrances to all Library meeting rooms at the discretion of the Central Section Supervisor/Branch Manager. The sign should read: The San Diego Public Library meeting rooms are available to public and private, profit and non-profit groups for educational, civic, charitable, commercial and cultural use. Some groups pay a fee to use these rooms. The Library neither endorses nor sponsors these groups or services.

Departmental Instruction 21-15
Effective July 2003