The following regulations govern the use of Library meeting rooms in all branches and Central Library.

  1. The City of San Diego, in accordance with the Manager's revenue recovery policy, may charge fees for the use of the meeting rooms and may charge deposits for cleaning. Please refer to the separate fee schedule. Such fees will be due and payable at the time of booking. (0-18439 N.S.)
  2. No admission fee may be charged to participants, and/or collection taken unless a commercial or fundraising fee has been paid. Raising, collecting, soliciting, or exchanging of funds, or the entering into of contracts are considered commercial, regardless of what other classification may apply to the sponsoring organization, i.e., non-profit, charitable, tax-exempt, private or political.
  3. The public will be welcome at all open meetings, except for meetings for which a commercial or fund raising fee has been paid, in which case the sponsor may limit attendance by the public and may charge a fee for admission.
  4. The number of attendees shall not exceed the capacity specified as posted by the Fire Marshal.
  5. Smoking is prohibited. No food or beverages are allowed in the Central Library or in many branch library seminar/study rooms. Food and beverages, including alcoholic beverages, may be served in the branches in accordance with the attached guidelines regarding procedures and application process, and provided the required cleaning deposit is submitted. (Please refer to the separate fee schedule and Appendix C).
  6. The applicant is responsible for managing orderly behavior of all attendees. The Library may require the applicant to provide adequate security services. Insurance may be required. Adult supervision is required for any group of minors. Misconduct by participants or misrepresentation on the application may result in rejection of an organization's future applications. (In the event of severe misconduct, library staff may immediately terminate the event/meeting and clear the premises.)
  7. Organizations using the meeting rooms agree to assume full liability for any losses or damage beyond reasonable wear which may occur to the building or equipment. The sponsoring organization will also be responsible for setting up, cleaning up, and returning the furniture to the original arrangement. Special equipment will not be provided. The concert piano in the Central Library Auditorium is to be used for Library sponsored programs only. Pianos in the branch meeting rooms can only be used with the permission of the Branch manager or his/her designee. Due to lack of security and space constraints, the Library is unable to store equipment or supplies and cannot assume responsibility for any materials left on the premises.
  8. Access to and security of the meeting rooms and equipment will be controlled by Library personnel. The meeting rooms are available for use during the Libraries' normal hours of operation.

    Branches: Meeting rooms may be available at selected branches outside of normal Library hours of operation, IF LIBRARY PERSONNEL ARE AVAILABLE TO PROVIDE ACCESS AND SECURITY and the appropriate staff overtime fees are paid at time of booking. Please note that if the meeting room location cannot provide its own staff for an after hours event, staff from other branches may be solicited. Closed-hour use of the branches should not commence before 8:30 a.m. nor extend beyond 10:00 p.m. unless negotiated between the group and the Branch Manager.

    Central Library: Central Library meeting rooms are only available outside of normal library hours if programs are Library-sponsored events. Appropriate security measures, staffing and/or monitors must be present during the event/program and must remain until all patrons leave the Library. For all other programs meeting within the hours of operation, all users must report upon arrival and departure as follows:

    • Between 9:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
    • Between 9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday
    • Between noon - 6:00 p.m. Sunday

    Please check in and out with the Security Guard on the 1st Floor.

    In all cases in which meeting room arrangements have not been made in advance for times outside normal Library hours, ALL MEMBERS OF THE ORGANIZATION AND AUDIENCE MUST LEAVE THE MEETING ROOM AND BUILDING 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE LIBRARY'S CLOSING TIME.

  9. Groups may not use the rooms for ongoing organizational meetings for longer than 3 (three) months before rebooking; however, tentative bookings may be available one year in advance at the discretion of the Branch Manager or the Central Library Deputy Director. At branch libraries, each group may schedule 1 (one) meeting per month with a maximum 4-hour limit. Each group is responsible for set-up prior to the event and clean-up afterwards, and the period reserved must include time for these tasks. If a series of classes or lectures is planned, these meetings shall have a beginning and ending date. These series will be scheduled for no longer that 3(three) months at a time. Another or subsequent series cannot be scheduled more than 30 days in advance.
  10. Permission to use the meeting room does not constitute an endorsement of an organization's policies or beliefs by the City of San Diego, the Board of Library Commissioners, or the Library Staff.
  11. All publicity is the responsibility of the applicant and must clearly identify the sponsoring organization. The location of the Library may be publicized but the Library telephone number may not be placed on publicity, as the Library is not a source of information concerning the event. Neither the name nor the address of the Library may be used as the official address or headquarters of an organization (with the exception of Friends of the Library groups). No deliveries are to be made unless the sponsor is present to accept them and temporary storage space has been arranged.
  12. Unless the meeting room is booked by the Library, Friends of the Library, or a city, county, or federal governmental agency, the following statement is to be placed on all publicity that is distributed for programs booked in Library meeting rooms: "This program is neither sponsored nor endorsed by the San Diego Public Library. The Library is not responsible for the information presented in this program".
  13. Library Staff telephones in the work areas should be used only on an emergency basis. Public telephones are available near most meeting rooms.
  14. Because of limited space for library patrons, arrangements for off-site parking should be made for all groups during library open hours.
  15. Provisions of the policy may be waived or amended under special conditions only by approval of the Library Director or his/her designated agent.
  16. Failure to comply with any of the stated regulations will result in the immediate cancellation of the booking, forfeiture of any funds received, and may lead to suspension of meeting room privileges.
  17. All fees are subject to change without notice.
  18. Political signs may not be posted.
  19. Collecting political contributions or the sale of products is strictly prohibited. However, book sales by authors as part of a library program and the sale of art work as part of a public art display may be allowed upon authorization of the Library Director.

The following regulations govern the use of Library meeting rooms in all branches and Central Library.

Department Instruction 21-15
Effective June 2005