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Calling all first through sixth grade students! It’s time for the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department 18th annual Kids Poster Contest. Get your students involved for a chance to be recognized as community ambassadors and local conservation celebrities by clicking the linked flier and entry form below.

All submissions must be received by March 23, 2018.

Winners will be:

  • Honored at a City Council presentation
  • Featured in the 2019 Water Conservation Calendar
  • Displayed at the San Diego County Fair
  • Exhibited in the San Diego Watercolor Society Gallery

PDF icon Announcement Flier and Entry Form

PDF icon Announcement Flier and Entry Form in Spanish

Below are the winners of the 2017 poster contest


1st place                Brandon Tran                        Hardy Elementary

First Grade                           

1st place                Jasmine Nguyen                   Hardy Elementary

2nd place              Elin Luc                                  Hardy Elementary

3rd place               San San Truong                    Hardy Elementary

Second Grade                

1st place                Emma Lu                                Sage Canyon Elementary

Third Grade                          

1st place                Sofie Lynn Laptorres           Hardy Elementary

2nd place              Jackson Ellis                           Hardy Elementary

3rd place               Deena M-Nour                     Hardy Elementary

Fourth Grade                       

1st place                Lucia Pacheco                      O'Farrell Elementary

2nd place              Cristhina Castillo                  Baker Elementary

3rd place               Jose Meza                              Baker Elementary

Fifth Grade                           

1st place                Madeleine Irawan                Los Pen Elementary

2nd place              Chloe Sagan                          Solana Pacific Elementary

3rd place               Emma Seo Sumin                 Solana Pacific Elementary

Sixth Grade                          

1st place                Shawnette Wilbowo            Solana Ranch

2nd place              Kelly Dai                                 Solana Ranch

3rd place               Fumika Okumura                  Solana Ranch

Recycled Water                  

1st Place                Mariafernanda Martinez    Horton Elementary




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