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Grass Replacement

Is your landscape looking tired? Now is the chance to change that landscape to a drought tolerant one with a rebate from the City of San Diego. Once again, a rebate is available to encourage property owners to conserve our precious resource ... water! Grass thirsty lawns are estimated to use up to 44 gallons of water per square foot per year. Water-wise landscapes can use 70 percent less water than grass lawns.

Replacing your landscape with water-wise materials reduce irrigation, creates a low-maintenance environment and can create a habitat for wildlife such as butterflies and humming birds.

City of San Diego water customers can receive up to $4,250 for residential owners and $17,000 for commercial owners.

See the guidelines below for program details. Applications will be accepted Dec. 1-15, 2017. Because there are limited funds for this popular rebate, applications received within the submission period will be selected through a lottery-type process until funding is exhausted.

Here are:

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