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Bid to Goal Program

Bid to Goal Program

The Bid to Goal (B2G) program was piloted by San Diego's Metropolitan Wastewater Department (MWWD) in 1998 to improve efficiency and effectiveness by combining the best features of the public and private sectors. B2G has since evolved and expanded to include all Wastewater Enterprise Fund employees, and Water Operations and Customer Support employees within the Water Enterprise Fund.

The aim of the program is to provide optimal results for ratepayers by combining the best features of the public sector (control of valuable public-funded infrastructure, avoidance of for-profit conflict with health and safety services, retention of savings from workforce productivity gains) and private sector (mutual accountability of formal agreements, competitive budgets, employee performance incentives). In May 2002, the B2G program was recognized by the San Diego County Taxpayers Association with a Golden Watchdog Award. The program was also named a finalist in the 2002 Harvard University's JFK School of Government Innovations in Government Award.

A recently completed review of the program by the Office of the City Auditor (OCA) substantiated over $116M in savings by the Water and Wastewater Departments while under B2G. The report also recommended the implementation of additional administrative controls to further strengthen the program. The Public Utilities Department is implementing these recommendations. A link to the OCA report as well as descriptions and links to other key program documents are provided below.

The MOU is an agreement between the Mayor, the Public Utilities Department and its employees, through the applicable Labor Organizations, as to the goals related to operate and maintain the system effectively, efficiently, and competitively.

The Employee Bid outlines the proposed cost of the management, operations and maintenance services provided by the Public Utilities Department.

The Annual Performance Report provides key performance measures, divisional goal achievement and financial savings results for each fiscal year.

An independent third party audit of each B2G program is performed on an annual basis. The purpose of this audit is to independently review, test and validate B2G program results as reported in the Annual Performance Report. Additionally, a performance audit of the Public Utilities B2G Program was performed by the Office of the City Auditor in 2009.

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