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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Section

Map-related information for the water and sewer systems operated by the City of San Diego is available through the Asset Management Program, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Section of the Public Utilities Department.


  • Publicly-available GIS data - Sewer mains, manholes, water mains and water hydrants are available for download as GIS shapefiles from the SanGIS website. Other mapping data (e.g. parcels, roads, jurisdictions) are also available for viewing on the SanGIS interactive map. SanGIS also provides custom mapping services, as detailed further on the services section of their website.
  • Water service connection locations - Identification of the location of the water service location at your property. However, we do not have information regarding where private waterlines are located within your private property. For that information, you may want to contact a licensed plumber. See the Your Water Plumbing System web page for more details.
  • Sewer lateral locations - Identification of the location of the sewer lateral to your property. Please note that it is the property owner's responsibility to maintaintheir private sewer lateral, all the way to the connection with the City's sewer main. See the Your Sewer Plumbing System web page for details.
  • Water pressure calculation- Public Utilities can provide you with a calculated estimate of the water pressure range for your property. See the Water Pressure web page for more information.
  • The GIS Section does not provide plans to the public. For copies of City of San Diego as-built construction plans, please call the Development Services Department- Records Section at 619-446-5200

PUD GIS Contact Information

619-527-7482 (For emergencies, please call 619-515-3525)

For billing related questions please call 619-515-3516 or email [email protected].

[email protected]

Service is by appointment only, 24 hours in advance.

Service hours are Tuesday - Thursday, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. (closed on City holidays)

To schedule an appointment, call 619-527-7482 or email [email protected]

The Geographic Information Systems Section has been relocated due to construction. PDF icon View Area Map

Other Contacts

San Diego Geographic Information Source (SANGIS): 858-874-7000

Development Services Department - Records Section: 619-446-5200

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