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Requests for Proposals

The City of San Diego’s Real Estate Assets Department formally announces the release of the Request For Proposal (RFP) listed below.  All qualified and interested parties are encouraged to download and review the details of the RFP by clicking the applicable link in the following table:

RFP Number Request for Proposal Proposal Due Date City Contact

PDF icon Presidio Hills Golf Course

PDF icon Presidio Hills Golf Course Addendum A

PDF icon Presidio Hills Golf Course Addendum B

PDF icon PHGC - Survey Packet

PDF icon PHGC - 1948 Images

PDF icon PHGC - SDSU Fault Study 2017

PDF icon PHGC - SCE Fault Study 2012

PDF icon PHGC - Profit & Loss

PDF icon PHGC - Summary of Usage

PDF icon PHGC - Audit Report

PDF icon PHGC - U&O Permit

PDF icon PHGC - Revenue Report

4:00PM PST on September 22, 2017 Isaac Tanori
[email protected]
(619) 236-6264
1220 PDF icon Rehabilitation/Development/Operation of 1220 Third Ave 4:00PM PST on June 14, 2016 Heide Farst 

(619) 236-6727



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