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Parking Lot Policies and Procedures

Activities Prohibited within the SDCCU Stadium Parking Lots

Per PDF icon San Diego Municipal Code 59.0502 , it is unlawful to:

  • Intentionally throw, discharge, launch, or spill any solid object (including footballs, baseballs, frisbees and other such devices) or liquid substance, or otherwise cause such object or substance to be thrown, discharged, launched, spilled, or to become airborne.
  • Explode, set-off, discharge, or otherwise release or cause to be released, any smoke bomb, fireworks, stink bomb, or other substance which is physically harmful or otherwise irritating, offensive, repugnant or disgusting to the eyes or sense of smell.
  • Participate in any activity, including, but not limited to vehicle driver training, running, jogging, volleyball, baseball, soccer, football, roller blading, roller skating, bicycle riding, skate boarding, or frisbee unless expressly authorized by the SDCCU Stadium Manager.
  • Lead, conduct, or otherwise bring or allow to remain in the SDCCU Stadium parking facility any animal, bird, fish, or reptile except trained guide, signal, or service animal that is in actual use.
  • Bring or attempt to bring a vehicle into the SDCCU Stadium parking facility without paying the prescribed charge, if any, required for admission. On the day of, during, and for eight hours after any event duly designated by the City Manager as an overflow capacity event, no person shall enter or attempt to enter the SDCCU Stadium parking facility without presenting a valid ticket or pass to that event, or a pass indicating that the person is an on-duty employee working the event, or a control number for that event issued by the San Diego Police Department pursuant to the SDCCU Stadium policy governing distribution of non-commercial literature in the SDCCU Stadium parking facilities during such events; provided, however, that notices of such prohibition shall be duly posted at least twenty-four hours prior to the event and remain posted throughout the event and the eight hour period thereafter.
  • Park or stand any vehicle in more than one parking space or, where applicable, in more than one tailgate parking space. If the vehicle exceeds twenty feet in length, the driver thereof shall only park said vehicle in parking spaces for standard size vehicles and pay for the additional space and display evidence of such payment unless parked in a tailgate parking space.
  • Utilize in any manner more than the parking space or tailgate parking space that his vehicle is entitled to occupy under the provisions of this division 5, or place any vehicle in the inner ring of the SDCCU Stadium parking facility.
  • Interfere in any manner with the use of an adjacent parking space.
  • Remain within the SDCCU Stadium parking facility more than two hours after the conclusion of any event occurring within SDCCU Stadium or in the SDCCU Stadium parking facility. It is unlawful for any person to refuse to obey the lawful order of a police officer, or SDCCU Stadium security personnel made pursuant to enforcement of this section 59.0502(a)(9).
  • No person shall have, possess, or use any container made wholly or partly of glass that issued for carrying or holding any liquid for drinking purposes, without first obtaining permission from the Stadium Management.
  • Bring, or cause to be brought, for the purposes of sale or barter, or have for sale, or sell or exchange, or offer for sale, or exchange any food, drink, service, goods, wares, ticket, or merchandise within any portion of the SDCCU Stadium parking facility, including the perimeter sidewalk of SDCCU Stadium without first having obtained a City business license and permit from the SDCCU Stadium Manager.
    • Notwithstanding the provisions of section 59.0502(a)(10), no person shall bring, or cause to be brought a beer keg for purposes other than sale or barter, or have for sale, or sell or exchange, or offer for sale or exchange, without first obtaining proof of liability insurance in an amount and form satisfactory to the City Manager and a keg permit from the SDCCU Stadium Manager.
    • The walkways or promenades in the inner circle of SDCCU Stadium parking facility are restricted to pedestrian traffic. It is unlawful to place tables, barbecues, chairs, umbrellas, or other objects on the walkways or promenades without the written permission of the SDCCU Stadium Manager.
    • Sections 59.0502(a) through (c) shall not apply to any duly authorized employee, agent, or officer of SDCCU Stadium or the City of San Diego while acting in the course and scope of employment, nor shall it apply to any duly authorized participant, performer, official, SDCCU Stadium security personnel, or service personnel specifically authorized to perform such an act by the SDCCU Stadium Manager, or the City of San Diego while acting in the scope of employment or participation.
    • Vehicles parked in violation of sections 59.0502(a)(6), (a)(7), or (a)(8), may be towed at the owner's expense to a place designated by the City Manager.
  • For purposes of the California Vehicle Code, all surfaced areas of the SDCCU Stadium parking facility, on which vehicles normally travel to enter and leave parking spaces and tailgate parking spaces, shall be considered to be "highways" as defined in Vehicle Code section 360.
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