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City of San Diego Environment Committee

The City's Jurisdictional Runoff Management Plan and all six Water Quality Improvement Plans are now available for public review. The documents are posted below for review prior to presentation at the City's Environmental Committee.

Jurisdictional Runoff Management Plan, Storm Water Ordinance and Minimum BMPs

The City's Jurisdictional Runoff Management Plan (JRMP) encompasses City-wide programs and activities designed to prevent and reduce storm water pollution within City boundaries. The JRMP describes the pollution prevention activities that the City implements as well as the pollution prevention requirements for homes and businesses.

As part of the JRMP update, the City is developing an updated Storm Water Ordinance and a corresponding set of "Minimum Best Management Practices" (Minimum BMPs) that set guidelines and expectations for pollution prevention efforts by homeowners, commercial property owners, and businesses throughout our jurisdiction.

Water Quality Improvement Plans

The City is working with other Responsible Agencies and stakeholders throughout the San Diego Region to develop Water Quality Improvement Plans for watersheds within our jurisdiction. The plans identify problems and solutions that the City will implement for improving water quality tailored to each watershed and are a requirement described in the Municipal Storm Water Permit. These plans identify goals and strategies for addressing priority water quality conditions in each watershed.

CEQA Public Comment Period

The City's Jurisdictional Runoff Management Plan and all six Water Quality Improvement Plans were available for public review as part of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) environmental review process being led by the City's Development Services Department. Formal comments were collected by the Development Services Department for a minimum of 30-days beginning February 20th, 2015.




We need your help to develop new strategies for improving water quality in our region. New Water Quality Improvement Plans are being developed that will include strategies for identifying and addressing high priority water quality concerns.

The City of San Diego will be working with the County of San Diego and the cities of Del Mar, Solana Beach, Poway and Escondido to draft the Water Quality Improvement Plan for the San Dieguito River Watershed.

In the Los Peñasquitos Watershed, the City will be working with the cities of Del Mar and Poway along with the County and the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) to draft the new plan.

For the Mission Bay & La Jolla Watersheds the City will join CALTRANS to draft the plan for that area.

The City also needs the public's help to ensure the new Water Quality Improvement Plans will be as strong and successful as possible. The plan development process is required by new storm water regulations adopted by the Regional Water Quality Control Board. The regulations demand a broad public participation process and a solicitation of data, information, and recommendations, all of which will be incorporated into final plans submitted to the Board by June 27, 2015.

You can find out about ways to get involved by clicking on your watershed of interest below. The links will take you to the cooperative Project Clean Water website where all of the Responsible Agencies are sharing information.