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In 2015, the City Council approved San Diego’s Climate Action Plan (CAP), which calls for the City to cut half of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2035. The CAP's strategies include 100% renewable electricity; water and energy efficiency; zero waste; bicycling, walking, transit and land use; and resiliency measures.

The CAP will serve the needs of San Diegans, and provide economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The CAP will help California achieve its emissions reduction targets, prepare for anticipated climate change impacts in coming decades, improve quality of life, and have a positive impact on the regional economy. Often, especially as technology and markets advance, reducing GHG emissions generates cost savings through operational efficiencies, reduced maintenance needs, and a reduction of utility bills. Therefore, in addition to tracking GHG reductions, CAP reporting addresses jobs and social equity to ensure the full scope of sustainability is captured.  The Climate Action Plan will:

  • facilitate job creation in the renewable energy industry
  • improve public health and air quality
  • conserve water
  • more efficiently use existing resources
  • increase clean energy production
  • improve quality of life
  • save taxpayer money

San Diego’s CAP is a national model, and there is about $130 million in new funding for fiscal year 2017 alone.

For more, please view the PDF icon fiscal year 2017’s Funding and Implementation Report.