San Diego

Think Blue

Program Partners

The City of San Diego works closely with other agencies, organizations and community groups to make Think Blue a success. Because the City is required to create Urban Runoff Management Plans at the Jurisdictional, Watershed and Regional levels, Think Blue must include outreach and assistance from groups drawn from throughout the county.

Think Blue

Other Resources

The Transportation & Storm Water Department and Think Blue look to many other resources for good ideas, suggestions and support for the City's storm water pollution prevention efforts. The list below includes links to others who have made a strong commitment to reducing pollution of storm drain systems.

Think Blue

About Think Blue

Protect our environment and your family's health and safety. Prevent pollution from entering the storm drain system. To report storm drain pollution, call 619-235-1000.

When water flows out of our yards, down driveways and out parking lots into the storm drains, it makes its way through the environment untreated. Storm drains are not connected to the sewer system and they drain directly into our creeks, bays, lagoons, and ultimately the ocean.

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