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Storm Water

Familiarizing Yourself with the Requirements

Permanent BMP Requirements

Storm Water

Determining Which Requirements Apply

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Start by filling out the PDF icon Storm Water Requirements Applicability Checklist

Storm Water

Designing Your Project for Compliance

The following design references will help you succeed in designing your project for compliance with the Permanent BMP requirements found in the Storm Water Standards.

Storm Water

Constructing Your Project

Storm Water

New Permit Programs

Existing Development (Home & Business) Initiatives

With each reissuance of the 5-year Municipal Storm Water Permit the City must develop a Jurisdiction Runoff Management Plan (JRMP) that encompasses City-wide programs and activities designed to prevent and reduce storm water pollution within City boundaries. The Plan describes the pollution prevention activities that the City implements, as well as, the pollution prevention requirements for homes and businesses.

Storm Water


Storm Water Standards Manual And Related Documents

The City is required to update its Storm Water Standards Manual to conform to the 2013 Municipal Storm Water Permit and for consistency with the Regional Best Management Practices (BMP) Design Manual.

  • 2016 Storm Water Standards Manual (FINAL)

Storm Water

Amendment to Land Development Manual - Storm Water Standards

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Storm Water

Plans & Reports

Water Quality Improvement Plans (WQIP)

Storm Water

Chollas Creek Dissolved Metals TMDL Stakeholders

The Chollas Creek Dissolved Metals Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Stakeholders Meeting page serves as a resource for interested community members, agencies and other stakeholders. Stakeholder meetings are designed to provide activity updates on planned and implemented projects and answer stakeholder questions.

Materials from previous Stakeholder Meetings are available for review below:

  • 2012

Storm Water

News & Events

Plans & Reports

The City's Jurisdictional Runoff Management Plan and all six Water Quality Improvement Plans are available to the public; see links below.

More information about the Jurisdictional Runoff Management Plan

More information about the Water Quality Improvement Plans



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