Water Conservation Film Contest

The Waste No Water student film contest challenged high school and college students to submit public service announcements championing water conservation. Students took to their cameras to craft important 30-second films to help spread the word about why wasting water isn't cool.

Photo of film contest winneresPhoto of film contest winners


The complete list of 2015 contest winners are:

Film Name: Water Cops - Winner
Film By: Trevor Sykes and Austin Correia
School: Point Loma High School

Film Name: Save the Merman - 2nd Place
Film By: Yat Ning, Jeannie Wong, Sung Eun, Grace Cho, Angela Nam
School: University of California, San Diego

Film Name: Cat Possible - 3rd Place
Film By: Tyler Pasela
School: Point Loma High School

Other finalists:

Film Name: One Percent
Film By: Daniel Nieberg and Brendon Reperttang
School: Point Loma High School

Film Name: Real Heroes Save Water
Film By: Natalia Moscoso, Anna Ruiz, Mariam Sanchez
School: San Diego State University

Film Name: Save to Play
Film By: Brian Linthicum
School: Point Loma High School

Film Name: Save Water, Save Money
Film By: Carlos Dominguez
School: San Diego City College

Film Name: Saving Water is Fun and Easy!
Film By: Carlos Herrera
School: Southwestern Community College

Film Name: #WNW Bucket Challenge
Film By: Edwin Frank Ortiz, Richard Martinez, Ricardo Arriaga, Fae Eskiig, Elisha Cecil, Crystal Ciara, Faruq Okeyan, Nereyda Valdez, Daniel Stone
School: Southwestern Community College

Film Name: You Always Learn
Film By: Rogelio Vergara, Arnesto Bautista, Jesus Valenzuela, Chuck Vinson, Carlos Baylon, Rey Nieto, Aissia Nieto, Megan Denise, Gustavo Valdez
School: Southwestern Community College

The Waste No Water Film Contest has been discontinued, but please continue to enjoy these great films.