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Below is information specific to the definition of and restrictions related to various types of fountains within the City of San Diego.

IMPORTANT: All fountain types are required to use re-circulated water, at all times, as part of the City's permanent water waste prohibitions.

Ornamental Fountains

Ornamental fountains are those fountains that discharge into the air a jet or stream of water.

Cascading Fountains

Cascading fountains are water features with a flow that does not eject water up into the air.

Recreational Fountains

A recreational fountain refers to any recreational structure other than swimming pools or spa pools, which is open to the general public or which may be open to the general public, and uses re-circulated water with which people come into contact. This includes, but is not limited to, zero depth water features, interactive fountains, water slides, waterfalls or combinations of such water features.

Water features not intended for human contact, such as ornamental fountains, are not included.


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