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Message from the Mayor

No Time to Waste, No Water to Waste - Message from the Mayor

Our City's water supplies continue to be in crisis. There are unprecedented challenges facing our water system including the prolonged and continuing drought conditions across the west and mounting legal restrictions on deliveries of imported water for our region.

Because of these issues, our water wholesalers have informed us that water deliveries will stay at their reduced levels for another year. When our wholesalers began cutting our imported water supply in 2009, the City of San Diego declared a Level 2 Drought Alert. Today, this Level 2 Drought Alert remains in effect.

As a community, we need come together and conserve this valuable resource. There is no time to waste and no water to waste. This web page is intended to help San Diegans understand this water supply crisis and explain the parameters of the Level 2 Drought Alert. Water is a precious resource for our semi-arid region and ensuring an adequate supply of water is critical to our economy and quality of life. All of us play a role in making sure we will continue to have enough water for our region.

I hope you will find the information available here useful in your effort to conserve water. As a fellow San Diegan, waste no water and remember that every drop counts.

Mayor Jerry Sanders

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