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Help Spread the Word About Conservation

San Diegans Waste No Water All Ways. Always.

Keeping people informed about current state water use restrictions and water conservation can be good for your Homeowner's Association (HOA) and good for your business.

You can help us spread the word. Does your company have a newsletter or intranet? Do you belong to an HOA which has an internal newsletter? If so, the following articles can easily be posted on intranets or inserted into newsletters. Just copy and paste one of the articles.

HOA Intranet/Newsletter Article

Conserving Water is Everybody's Responsibility

While at virtually every multi-family property there are shared water meters, it is vitally important that all San Diegans work together to save water. Cutting down on water usage both inside and outside the home not only helps save water, it helps San Diego.

Here are some simple things you can do to reduce water usage:

  • Make sure, whenever possible, you are using low water-use showerheads, aerators, toilets, washing machines and dishwashers.
  • Report to management or repair drips, leaking toilets or other leaking water fixtures
  • Take short showers and turn the water off while lathering or shaving
  • Don't use running hot water to defrost food. Plan ahead or use the microwave
  • When rinsing fruits and vegetables, catch the water for use to rinse dishes, run the garbage disposal or water plants
  • Scrape food off dishes before washing rather than rinsing them
  • Use a basin or the largest pot to hand-wash dishes rather than filling the sink
  • Run your dishwasher and washing machine only when full
  • Take your car to a car wash
  • Use a broom to clean the patio
  • Report broken sprinkler heads or excessive wet spots to management

Business Intranet/Newsletter Article

Saving Water is Good Business

We know that saving water at work can sometimes be difficult. It's much easier to save water at home by taking shorter showers, adjusting the sprinklers or buying an ultra low-flow toilet. But there are always ways to cut back usage, wherever you are, and every bit helps.

Here are some simple things every employee can do:

  • Look for ways to save water at work and share the ideas with management.
  • Make sure employees use a broom, whenever possible, to clean the walkways and parking areas around your business
  • Report or repair drips, leaking toilets or other leaking water fixtures immediately
  • Don't let the water faucet run unnecessarily
  • Be conscientious when washing your coffee mug/dishes - use a personalized mug and give it a quick rinse
  • Report broken sprinkler heads or excessive wet spots to management
  • Do not use the toilet for a trash can

If you would also like information on how you can save water at home, please visit http://www.sandiego.gov/water/conservation.shtml.


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