Grass Replacement Rebate & Micro Irrigation Rebate

(ARTIFICIAL TURF NOT ALLOWED)In order to participate in the rebate program and PRIOR TO COMPLETING THIS APPLICATION, customers MUST FIRSTreview the PDF icon Grass Replacement Rebate Guidelines and/or the PDF icon Micro Irrigation Rebate Guidelines.Rebates are available for residential and commercial properties within the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department service area.Renters may be eligible for rebates with written consent of property owner. Renter's name must be on water bill.Rebate estimated in the application shows amount possible based on information entered. Actual rebate amount will be calculated from supporting documents provided by customer showing eligible project costs. Rebate will be the lower of the two: total eligible costs for the project or the stated maximum total dollar amount per customer rebate.Original paid receipts and/or invoices must be submitted to receive a rebate. Receipts must display separately: eligible labor costs; materials cost (excluding tools); and taxes, fees and tariffs.Rebate checks will be sent in the US mail to the customer of record 6-8 weeks after application is deemed complete and post-installation site visit is successfully completed.The City of San Diego is not responsible for any taxes, fees, or tariffs that may be imposed as a result of rebate-related purchases or work performed.Funding for rebates is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Program requirements are subject to change without prior notification.Please visit to determine if you qualify for an additional rebate. 

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