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Grass Replacement Rebate & Micro Irrigation Rebate

(ARTIFICIAL TURF NOT ALLOWED)In order to participate in the rebate program and PRIOR TO COMPLETING THIS APPLICATION, customers MUST FIRSTreview the PDF icon Grass Replacement Rebate Guidelines and/or the PDF icon Micro Irrigation Rebate Guidelines.Rebates are available for residential and commercial properties within the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department service area.Renters may be eligible for rebates with written consent of property owner. Renter's name must be on water bill.Rebate estimated in the application shows amount possible based on information entered. Actual rebate amount will be calculated from supporting documents provided by customer showing eligible project costs. Rebate will be the lower of the two: total eligible costs for the project or the stated maximum total dollar amount per customer rebate.Original paid receipts and/or invoices must be submitted to receive a rebate. Receipts must display separately: eligible labor costs; materials cost (excluding tools); and taxes, fees and tariffs.Rebate checks will be sent in the US mail to the customer of record 6-8 weeks after application is deemed complete and post-installation site visit is successfully completed.The City of San Diego is not responsible for any taxes, fees, or tariffs that may be imposed as a result of rebate-related purchases or work performed.Funding for rebates is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Program requirements are subject to change without prior notification.Please visit SoCalWaterSmart.com to determine if you qualify for an additional rebate. 

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Grass Replacement Rebate (Up to $2 per square foot)
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Micro Irrigation Rebate (Up to $0.30 per square foot)
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Customer Agreement
Terms and Conditions I, the undersigned, understand that this is a limited, first come, first served program, that rebates are given only for projects which have applications that are approved and adhere to the Grass Replacement and/or Micro Irrigation Rebate Program Guidelines, and that the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department can deny any application that does not meet program requirements (which can change without notification). I have voluntarily determined to participate in the City of San Diego's Grass Replacement and Micro Irrigation Rebates and understand that no rebate will exceed the cost of the item purchased or exceed the stated maximum total dollar amount per customer rebate (the lesser of the two.) I understand that my Public Utilities account must be in good standing to receive a rebate check. I agree that all work performed will comply with applicable state and local laws, ordinances, and regulations. If this application is approved, I agree that Public Utilities Water Conservation staff can conduct a water conservation survey/pre-site inspection,a post-installation site visit at my property, and verify that the project has been and maintained according to program guidelines and requirements. I understand that installation of devices and material are my responsibility, as is determination of the adequacy and compatibility of the existing irrigation system. Grass replacement and micro irrigation conversion projects must be installed within the Public Utilities service area to be eligible for a rebate. I understand that with the post-installation visit, Public Utilities makes no determination with respect to choice, quality or suitability of workmanship, materials or equipment. I acknowledge that installation of irrigation equipment or landscape materials may not result in lower water bills, and that rebates do not apply to artificial turf, tools, tariffs and sales tax charge. Please consult with a tax advisor if you have questions regarding any potential tax implications of your rebate. I understand that project site shall be available for future inspection and monitoring by Public Utilities and that water wise landscape must be maintained for a minimum of5 years. Photos of the project may be taken by Public Utilities staff to illustrate transitions from thirsty landscapes to attractive, water wise landscapes. Addresses to project sites participating in the rebate program will be available to the public. Customer names will not be made public or associated with the site address. I understand that Public Utilities is not responsible for items lost or destroyed in the mail/transit. If this application is approved by Public Utilities and the work proceeds, I agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Public Utilities, its agents and employees against any and all loss, liability, expense, claims, suits and damages, including attorney's fees, arising out of or resulting from the installation of irrigation e and landscape materials and equipment. If participating in the Grass Replacement rebate, I agree to comply with the program requirements of installing only moderate to very low water using plants in the project area that are not invasive (according to the California Invasive Plant Council) and will cover a minimum of 25% of the project area when mature. I agree that I must make one or more upgrades or changes to my irrigation system in the project area, as listed in the Grass Replacement Rebate Guidelines. I understand that if program requirements are not met, City staff can deny or provide partial rebate amount for the project site. I acknowledge that by participating in the City's Grass Replacement Rebate I cannot also participate in the San Diego County Water Authority's Turf Replacement Rebate Program for the same project area.
By entering my name here I am agreeing that I have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions of the rebate(s) for which I am applying.
Funding for a limited number of rebates is available through the City of San Diego the Public Utilities and Transportation and Storm Water Departments and/or a State of California Integrated Regional Watershed Management grant and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis until exhausted.