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Water-Wise Business Survey Program

The City of San Diego continues to stress the importance of using water wisely. Limited supplies in the region are reminders that our water supplies cannot be taken for granted. Water conservation from commercial, institutional and industrial businesses has been outstanding, yet there is still opportunity to conserve this limited and essential resource. All City of San Diego businesses are encouraged to utilize the following resources when looking for ways to achieve greater water use efficiency.

FREE Water-Wise Business Survey NEW!

A Water-Wise Business Survey is a free service that provides all City of San Diego Public Utilities Department commercial, industrial and institutional customers with a customized review of their water usage, including an on-site visit to identify areas where water use efficiencies can be achieved and effectively implemented. Recommendations can help customers use water more efficiently and save energy. Download a PDF icon Water-Wise Business Survey brochure for additional information.

A representative will:

  • Schedule an appointment to meet with you at the site
  • Review historic water usage
  • Provide meter reading instruction
  • Check indoor water-using equipment for leaks and gallons per minute rates
  • Prepare a follow-up report with
    • Recommended equipment upgrades
    • Water management improvements
    • Applicable rebate incentive opportunities
    • Cost/benefit analysis, payback periods for recommended enhancements
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Reduce wastewater discharge
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Reduce utilities bills

To schedule a Water-Wise Business Survey, please complete this PDF icon Water-Wise Business Survey Request Form , then scan and send to: [email protected] or fax to (619) 533-5300. You may also call (619) 533-5380 to speak to a City representative.

Rebates for Water Saving Devices

Find ways to save water, energy and lower utility bills by upgrading devices such as toilets, urinals, connectionless food steamers, air-cooled ice making machines, dry vacuum pumps, cooling tower conductivity controllers and pH conductivity controllers. Visit the the SoCal WaterSmart website.

Or find out more about the City of San Diego Outdoor Rebate Program available to City commercial customers for a limited time!

Guaranteed Water Program

The Guaranteed Water Program exempts research and development or industrial manufacturing firms from mandatory water restrictions in times of drought in exchange for their participation in daily water conservation programs, including the use of recycled water. Find more information on the program and how to participate.

Commercial Landscape Survey Program

Learn more about participating in the FREE Commercial Landscape Survey Program to discover how to conserve water outdoors as well.

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