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Door Hangers

Door hangers are notices left by the Public Utilities Department at your property, typically at your door or gate. Click on the links below to view each door hanger:

PDF icon Water Emergency Service Request
A blue rectangle door hanger is provided as a follow-up to a request you may have placed and to notify you of the type of service performed such as water was turned off, water pressure was checked, or water leaks were checked.

PDF icon Customer Satisfaction Survey
A blue or yellow rectangle door hanger is provided after a crew has performed a requested service in order to obtain feedback from you on the quality of service provided. This door hanger survey is prepaid and postmarked, so please let us know about your experience. The survey is also available to fill out online. Your feedback is important to us so that we can continually improve customer service.

PDF icon Water Shutdown Notice
A blue water-drop shaped door hanger is provided in advance by a crew to notify you of a temporary shutdown of water service to your property or business, or within your neighborhood, that will occur during planned construction work for a particular duration of time. You will not receive advance notification in the event of a water emergency.

Please call the Water Emergency Hotline at (619) 515-3525 to request a service or report water emergencies such as water main breaks, service leaks, valve leaks, hydrant knockovers, highline leaks, or pressure problems. For additional important phone numbers, view the contact information web page.

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