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The Orange Door Hanger

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There are several door hangers the City of San Diego uses for our different services. The Streets Division provides customers with the PDF icon orange door hanger for services such as investigations and repairs of water utility trenches, sidewalks, or roadways after a water-related service has been provided. Please take a moment to tell us about your experience with our services.

 I am eighteen years old or older.

I. You can fill out the customer service survey whether you have received a door hanger or not. If you have a door hanger, please enter the following information:
  :   :
  Description of Service :    
II. Please rate the following items:
  Quality of service
  Clean-up after service
  Professional appearance of staff
  Courteousness of onsite staff
  Satisfaction with our staff
  Overall experience
  Additional comments
III. Optional Information:

Thank you for taking the survey. Your input means a lot to us.

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