Press Release, Water Department

The City of San Diego Letterhead

March 1, 2001

CONTACT: Donna Sharkey
(619) 533-4631


SAN DIEGO - Water is one of the most essential resources Earth provides. However, did you know that 90 percent of water in San Diego is imported from other regions?

The City of San Diego Water Department's Speakers Bureau Program is ready to teach you about different areas related to water. The department offers five presentations on the topics of General Water Overview, the Capital Improvements Program, Water Conservation and Water Quality and Treatment. The City of San Diego also offers tours of water treatment facilities.

A Water Department representative will come to your community, professional or business group. They will share what they know with you and give you the opportunity to ask questions about the future of the City's water supply.

To schedule a speaker, call the Speakers Bureau Hotline at (619) 533-6638 at least two weeks prior to your program date. You can also check out the Water Department on the Internet at