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Press Release, Water Department

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March 22, 2001

CONTACT: Lawrence McGuire
(619) 533-6639
Cell: (619) 980-1436

Road Relief!
Temporary paving on El Cajon Boulevard improves driving conditions

SAN DIEGO - Keeping a busy arterial like El Cajon Boulevard in good driving condition during construction is an ongoing challenge for the Mid-City Pipeline Project team. In response to citizen feedback, workers replaced sections of concrete trench caps in several areas and installed a layer of Class F paving on all parallel concrete trench caps and all perpendicular concrete lateral trench caps on El Cajon Boulevard between 54th and 70th Streets. Class F paving is a fine mix of asphalt containing sand rather than small rock. Motorists will notice improved driving conditions as a result.

Additional repairs to El Cajon Boulevard within the construction area have included the filling of potholes by the City's Streets Division. Citizens who see potholes can call the City's Pothole Hotline at (619) 527-7500 to report them. Please be sure to give the approximate location where repair is needed.

Information about the 4.5 mile Mid-City Pipeline and other important water infrastructure projects is available online at www.sandiego.gov/water. You can also call the Mid-City Pipeline project information line at (619) 533-6637 for more information.

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