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April 4, 2001

CONTACT: Lawrence McGuire (619) 533-6639
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Mid-City Pipeline Vault Construction Underway
Traffic revisions will be implemented as construction progresses

SAN DIEGO - A big project like the Mid-City Pipeline requires several vault structures in order to perform the functions necessary to properly operate a water transmission pipeline. The best way to describe a vault is to imagine a room-sized concrete box placed under ground. The Mid-City Pipeline vaults will do everything from regulating and reducing water pressure to shutting down the pipeline during a seismic event. Recent weather conditions have required adjustments to the vault construction schedule, however, work is either currently underway or will begin soon in a number of locations.

What and Where?

Completion of the San Diego County Water Authority valve vault at 70th Street and El Cajon Boulevard has been delayed by recent rains. Traffic revisions on 70th Street will continue to be in effect throughout construction. Plans now include having this structure completed in early summer. Construction of the pump-well vault near 69th Street and El Cajon Boulevard recently began. The traffic revision for this vault is anticipated to be in effect through April.

Two pressure reducing stations, one on Marlborough Avenue and one on Cherokee Avenue just south of El Cajon Boulevard, will require minor traffic revisions on each street. Construction at Cherokee will begin by early April, followed soon by work at Marlborough. Work at each site is anticipated to take approximately three months.

Two seismic vaults will be built at 54th and El Cajon Boulevard. Work on the first vault, near Berting Street, is scheduled to begin in mid-May. Work on the second vault, near Marcellena Road is scheduled to follow in late-May. Each vault will take approximately three months to complete. Traffic will likely be reduced on El Cajon Boulevard near 54th Street to a single lane moving in each direction until both vaults are complete.

Schedules can change due to weather delays or for other reasons. Weekly pre-recorded construction updates are available by calling (619) 229-9154. This information hotline is provided by the project contractor, PCL Civil Constructors, Inc.

Information about the 4.5 mile Mid-City Pipeline and other important water infrastructure projects is available online at www.sandiego.gov/water. You can also call the Mid-City Pipeline project information line at (619) 533-6637 for more information.

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