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Monday, April, 18, 2001

CONTACT: Wendy Hovland Henry
(619) 533-4669


SAN DIEGO - The City of San Diego Water Department has been awarded the 2000 Outstanding Civil Engineering Project Award for the Soledad Reservoir project.

The new Soledad Reservoir is unique because the original structure was used as a protective shell to the new steel tank built inside. Engineers chose to rebuild the structure rather than spend millions of dollars to buy high cost property to build a replacement reservoir. Construction was also less disruptive to the community because it was done inside the original structure. The City included the community in designing the reservoir's landscaping and deciding the color of the structure.

"The design was the most efficient idea," said Oscar Khoury, senior project engineer. "It not only saved millions of dollars for the rate-payers, but it created a safe facility to better serve the La Jolla area."

The Soledad Reservoir was originally built in 1958 and serves the La Jolla community. The original structure was outdated and had been deteriorating. The newly upgraded and strengthened reservoir meets updated seismic codes.

The Soledad Reservoir project is just one part of the City of San Diego Water Department's Capital Improvements Program (CIP). The CIP is committed to creating a safe and reliable water treatment and distribution system with state-of-the-art facilities at the lowest possible cost to customers.

The American Society for Civil Engineers will be distributing the award at their annual awards dinner to be held on May 19, 2001 at Sea World Adventure Park in San Diego. The Water Department is also being recognized by the ASCE for their work on the Del Cerro Highlands Pump Station project.

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