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City of San Diego Water Department Releases the 2000 Consumer Confidence Report

The City of San Diego Letterhead

June 27, 2001

CONTACT: Tedi Jackson,
Media & Communications
Officer (619) 527-3121

City of San Diego Water Department Releases the 2000 Consumer Confidence Report

SAN DIEGO - The Water Department began distributing its 2000 Consumer Confidence Report to the citizens of the City of San Diego last week to inform and notify the public of the quality of the city's drinking water supply. The California Department of Health Services and the United States Environmental Protection Agency require that the report be mailed directly to all customers in the city, and for San Diego that equates to more than 530,000 residents and businesses. The report provides comprehensive water quality data about the city's drinking water supply to consumers.

"Our water quality record showcases the excellent job the City's Water Quality Lab and all of the Department's employees do every day to ensure a safe and reliable water supply," said Mark Stone, Water Department Deputy Director for the Operations Division. This division is responsible for producing the annual report and for overseeing the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the city's complex water treatment and delivery systems.

The 2000 Consumer Confidence Report is also posted on the City's website at www.sandiego.gov/water. Click on the "Water Quality" link to view an electronic version. For more information, contact the Water Operations Public Information Office at (619) 527-3121.

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