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Water Department Completes Encanto Improvement Projects

The City of San Diego Letterhead

August 8, 2001

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Community Invited to Attend Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

San Diego, CA -- The City of San Diego Water Department has completed construction of two projects that enhance water service reliability to the Encanto and Skyline/Paradise Hills communities. The 65th and Herrick Water Pump Station and the Encanto Pipeline have been under construction for more than a year and are now complete.

To celebrate the completion of both projects, the Water Department is hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony with San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy and Deputy Mayor George Stevens attending. The entire community is encouraged to attend. The event will take place on Friday, August 10 from 2 to 4 p.m., at the 65th and Herrick Water Pump Station, located in Encanto at the Southeast Corner of 65th and Herrick Streets.

The 65th and Herrick Water Pump Station features three state-of-the-art pumps, one back up pump and new electrical and control equipment. There is also an emergency power generator.

The community actively participated in designing the pump station. As a result, the project matches the surrounding community?s 1920's architecture. The pump station also features a landscaped garden and a viewing window which allows the community to see an active pump station from the outside-in.

The Encanto Park Pipeline runs along 65th Street and replaces more than a half a mile of outdated cast iron water mains in the north Encanto area. The upgraded pipeline now provides the pressure needed to meet peak hour demands.

The Encanto Water Pump Station and the Encanto Park Pipeline are part of the City of San Diego Water Department's ongoing Capital Improvements Program (CIP). The projects in the CIP, which include pipelines, reservoirs, treatment plants and pump stations, will ensure a safe and reliable water supply that will protect the city's job base, environment and overall quality of life for generations to come.

For more information about the Encanto Water Pump Station and pipeline projects or the Water Department's CIP, please call the Project Information Line at 619-533-4679.


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