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March 6, 2002

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Need ideas for water-efficient garden or landscaping?
Excellent examples bloom at Water Conservation Garden
Spring is on its way!

San Diego -- As a way of showing its customers great ways to have a beautiful garden without using a lot of water, the City of San Diego Water Department, with the approval of the City Council, has agreed to help sponsor the beautiful Water Conservation Garden on the campus of Cuyamaca College. The City is joining a partnership with the San Diego County Water Authority, Cuyamaca College and the Helix and Otay Water Districts to help fund the Garden which includes a learning resource center with demonstration gardens, amphitheater, and multiple educational exhibits. The Garden boasts more than 360 trees and 100,000 square feet of landscaping.

"We are always looking for additional ways in which we can show our customers how landscape water conservation works," said Luis Generoso, Water Resources Management Program Manager. "The City's participation is especially significant in light of our extremely dry winter."

The Garden serves as a water conservation resource for City of San Diego residents with information on, and examples of, how to best use water efficient landscaping well-suited for the San Diego climate.

The Garden has been in operation since May of 1999. It was developed primarily in response to four years of drought in the 90s, with $4 million in grant funding, donations from private entities, and the assistance of Cuyamaca College and the Helix and Otay Water Districts.


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