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July 12, 2002

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La Jolla, Pacific Beach and Soledad Communities
Welcome Mount Soledad's New Bayview Reservoir
New infrastructure provides reliable water source that replaces 50 year-old original system

SAN DIEGO - The City of San Diego Water Department, Mayor Dick Murphy, Councilmember Byron Wear and community members gathered today to celebrate the completion of the new 10 million gallon Bayview Reservoir.

"This reservoir is a critical facility in the City's northern service area because of its ability to receive water from both the Miramar and Alvarado water treatment plants," said Mayor Murphy. "I'm proud of the work the Water Department has done to complete this project to provide reliable and safe water for years to come."

Located just off Soledad Mountain Road near Bahia Lane, in the midst of a densely populated residential community, the new reservoir is built to meet the latest seismic requirements and is equipped with a state-of-the-art remote-control operating system. The reservoir is divided into two basins, each holding five million gallons of water providing maximum storage flexibility. As a result, the reservoir is designed to provide a continuous and reliable water supply to local residents and businesses in the event of an emergency. The new reservoir also provides enhanced local water storage during the current drought conditions.

"We're pleased to deliver yet another component of our Department's commitment to upgrading our aging water system," said City of San Diego Water Department Director Larry Gardner.

"Bayview Reservoir's opening occurs in the midst of San Diego's worst recorded drought season. Consequently, this event highlights the importance of having a reliable local water supply system and assures residents that a safe water supply is available," continued Gardner.

Since the new structure is located at the same site as the original reservoir, the project included the demolition and removal of the failing 1950's reservoir in advance of the new construction. The improved underground structure is complete with associated piping, drainage, landscaping and irrigation. Construction began in the fall of 2000.

A significant paleontological discovery was made last summer when construction work unearthed fossil bones of ancient great white sharks and whales that inhabited the ocean waters over what is now Mount Soledad. Studies concluded that the bones are approximately three-million years-old. Archaeologists and paleontologists found that the fossil-whale remains exhibit cut marks that are typical of those caused by sharks during feeding attacks or scavenging activities. The bones are now housed at the San Diego Museum of Natural History.

The $11 million Bayview Reservoir project serves La Jolla, Pacific Beach and the Soledad communities. Funding was provided through water rates and revenue bonds. Other water system upgrades for the area include the Bayview Water Pump Station that was completed in 1999 and Soledad Reservoir, completed in 2000.

The Bayview Reservoir Replacement Project is part of the City of San Diego Water Department's citywide Capital Improvements Program (CIP). Water infrastructure improvements (replacements, upgrades and expansions) are underway throughout the City's water system, including pipelines, water pump stations, reservoirs and treatment plants. These improvements will help ensure a safe and reliable water supply, protecting the region's job base, environment and overall quality of life for future generations. Information on this and other projects is available online at www.sandiego.gov. Click on "Departments" and then "Water". Or, contact the CIP public information line at (619) 533-4679.

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