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Water Department Press Release

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July 17, 2002

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Test Results Show No Signs of Bacteria in San Diego's Water Supply

SAN DIEGO - The City of San Diego Water Department's testing of its drinking water has found no evidence of bacteriological contaminants. These tests were conducted following the San Diego County Water Authority's (CWA) alert that it had detected the possible presence of bacteria in its water. The City's test results also indicate required levels of chlorine residual in the City's distribution system, further indicating no bacteriological contamination of San Diego's water supply.

In its press release yesterday, the CWA said its "positive results could be due to human error during the testing process."

"We understand the serious concern shared by all San Diegans about the safety of their drinking water and we want to assure them that the City's water is safe and free of any harmful bacteria or other contaminants," said Water Department Director Larry Gardner.

The Water Department is working closely with the CWA and expects to receive final test results from a second round of CWA testing by this evening. In the event that the test results come back positive, the Water Department has already made the necessary preparations to adjust its system.

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