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Water Department Press Release

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February 3, 2003

CONTACT: Ruby Enriquez
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Local Student?s Water Conservation Art Showcased on San Diego Billboards

San Diego, CA - The next time you look up at a billboard you might find something new and artistic... a water conservation public service announcement created by a local elementary school student. The City of San Diego Water Conservation Program has partnered with Clear Channel Outdoor to post three new billboards beginning February 3, 2003. The billboards showcase how one local student interprets the importance of conserving water, in form of their submission in last year's annual Water Conservation Poster Contest.

"I'm amazed at the talent of the students who enter the Water Conservation Poster," said Luis Generoso, Water Resources Manager for the City of San Diego Water Conservation Program. "We are so proud of their understanding of the importance of water conservation that we wanted to share it with San Diegans. Partnering with Clear Channel Outdoor has allowed us to spread a positive message about water conservation to the entire community with these billboards."

The billboards can be found at 30th Street and Polk Avenue, El Cajon Boulevard and 45th Street, and Cass Street and Turquoise Street. The poster featured on the billboards was created by Shelbi Southgate, who at the time was a second-grade student in Ms. Dopart's class at the All Saints Episcopal School in San Diego. The colorful poster highlighting the phrase "Conserve Water... Every Drop Counts!" was one of the winners in the contest. In addition to her poster being selected for the billboards, Shelbi also received a plaque, a U.S. Savings Bond, and tickets to the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center.

The Water Conservation Poster contest challenges first through sixth grade students and teachers from City of San Diego public and private schools, to think about how we use our limited supply of water and the simple changes we can make in our daily life to save water. This year's poster contest theme is "Water Conservation... My Way of Life: At School. At Home." The deadline to submit an entry for this year's contest is April 3, 2003. All students who enter receive a certificate of participation, with the winners receiving prizes. Teachers who would like more information on how to participate, where to obtain entry forms, and other details of the contest, should call the City of San Diego Water Conservation Program at (619) 235-1984, or email [email protected].

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