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Michael A. Anderson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Applied Limnology and Environmental Chemistry
Department of Environmental Sciences
University of California, Riverside (Riverside, California)

Michael Anderson, an Associate Professor of Applied Limnology and Environmental Chemistry, has taught courses at the University of California, Riverside, since 1990. His research focus includes water and soil sciences, with particular emphasis in applied limnology and lake/reservoir management; surface water quality and modeling; fate of contaminants in waters, soils, and sediments; and environmental chemistry. His most current research project involves managing Quagga Mussels in the reservoirs of the Colorado River Aqueduct, funded by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. He also recently completed a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project on predicted water quality and public health impacts resulting from pathogen inputs near water intakes on Lake Tahoe. In addition, he has served on various panels and workgroups, including as member of the California Department of Water Resources Salton Sea Hydrologic Technical Workgroup (2007-2008). Anderson received a

B.S. in Biology from Illinois Benedictine College, M.S. in Environmental Studies from Bemidji State University, and Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry from Virginia Tech.

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