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What Is The Water Reuse Study?

How did the study begin?

In January 2004, the San Diego City Council approved a study of all the City's recycled water opportunities to assist in planning for an adequate and reliable future water supply. The study began in April 2004 and is a comprehensive, balanced, impartial and science-based review of all recycled water opportunities.

What's included in the study?

All of the available recycled water opportunities will be studied. These include groundwater storage, expansion of the existing distribution system for irrigation and industrial use, more storage reservoirs, discharge into flowing streams, creating or enhancing wetlands, and, after additional treatment, blending with water in open reservoirs used to store drinking water.

Will the Water Reuse Study provide a recommended alternative?

The study objective is to develop a number of diverse and feasible opportunities to optimize the City's production and use of recycled water. The study team will present those options in an impartial, balanced report to the City Council in approximately one year. No specific alternative will be selected or recommended at the study completion.

Will the study look at desalinating ocean water or brackish groundwater as a future water supply?

The study will not be looking at opportunities for desalinating ocean water. Ocean water desalination is being considered by our regional water wholesaler, the San Diego County Water Authority (CWA). CWA is currently studying general potential sites to locate an ocean-water desalination facility. The City is investigating opportunities to treat groundwater that has a high salt content (brackish groundwater) and cannot be used as is.

The City's Long-Range Water Resources Plan 2002-2030 outlines several groundwater basins that are currently being evaluated for water supply sources or storage options. The Water Reuse Study will evaluate opportunities to use recycled water to increase supplies or improve the water quality in those basins.

* Photo at top is landscaping at a business located in Sorrento Valley (City irrigation customer).

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