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Photo of Stack of Large Purple Water Pipes

There are many agencies in San Diego, the United States, and around the world that are successfully recycling millions of gallons of wastewater each day for beneficial reuse. There are also numerous professional, scientific and educational organizations in the water recycling field as well as other parties interested in local water recycling efforts. We have included links to several of these here.

Governmental and regulatory agencies

California Department of Water Resources Office of Water Use Efficiency
Water Recycling and Desalination

California Department of Water Resources Office of Water Use Efficiency
Water Recycling 2030: Recommendations of California's Recycled Water Task Force

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Water importer and wholesaler for southern California

Regional Water Quality Control Board
Protects the quality of natural bodies of water and groundwater by monitoring water discharged from business and industrial activities, including water recycling facilities

San Diego County Environmental Health
Monitors recycled water systems and graywater systems for public health and safety.

San Diego County Water Authority
Water wholesaler for the San Diego area

United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation
Overview of water supply planning, "Water 2025: Preventing Crises and Conflict in the West"

United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9
"Water recycling and reuse, the environmental benefits"

Associations and groups

American Assembly
Process of soliciting input from a community to examine issues of public policy and make recommendations for action

American Water Works Association
Organization of public water providers in the United States that offers information to consumers on many aspects of drinking water

Audubon Society
Organization dedicated to protecting birds and other wildlife through education and study and advocates for a cleaner, healthier environment

National Water Research Institute
Promotes protection, maintenance and restoration of water supplies and aquatic environments through cooperative research

San Diego Baykeeper
Organization dedicated to preserving the integrity of San Diego's regional water bodies, increasing the awareness of issues and reducing pollution in San Diego's waters

Sierra Club
Organization dedicated to protecting the environment and the planet

Surfrider Foundation
Environmental organization that works to protect oceans, waves and beaches

WateReuse Association
Organization of agencies that recycle water and work to promote water recycling efforts nationally. Click on California Section for statewide and San Diego information.

Water recycling projects in San Diego County and California

For a list of all recycled water projects in San Diego County, please visit the San Diego County Water Authority's website at www.sdcwa.org and click on Water Management/Recycling/Recycled Water Facilities.

Carlsbad, San Diego County
Recycled water is used for landscape and freeway irrigation.

Escondido, San Diego County
Project to be operational soon, using recycled water from City of Escondido's treatment facility. Click on recycled water.

Irvine, Orange County
The Irvine Ranch Water District has over 245 miles of recycled water pipelines that deliver recycled water for landscape irrigation, industrial use, and toilet flushing in several high-rise office buildings. Click on Reclamation.

Orange County
Since 1975, Water Factory 21 has been successfully using highly treated recycled water as a salt water intrusion barrier to protect the Orange County Water District's groundwater basins. A new project, called the groundwater replenishment system will improve groundwater by blending a new source of ultra-pure water with other existing water sources, which include imported water.

Palo Alto, City of Palo Alto
Since 1980, recycled water has been used for park and golf course irrigation as well as industrial use and wetlands enhancement.

San Bernardino County
Recycled water is distributed to over 150 customers and added to a groundwater basin in the Chino area.

San Jose, City of San Jose
The South Bay Water Recycling system delivers recycled water to irrigate golf courses, parks, schools, agricultural lands, and is used for industrial purposes.

Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve, Santee, San Diego county
Seven artificial lakes filled with recycled water support fishing and a private campground; over 150 irrigation and industrial customers receive recycled water from the water recycling facility owned and operated by the Padre Dam Municipal Water District.
About Recycled Water
Current Park Projects

Water recycling projects in the United States and other countries

Chatham County, North Carolina
This project uses constructed wetlands and a greenhouse as part of the water recycling process.

Denver, Colorado
Denver's project recycles water for irrigation, industrial use, lakes in city parks, golf courses and wildlife preserves.

Department of Environmental Protection
Recycled water is promoted and mandated in several geographic areas throughout the state that are designated as having critical water supplies.

Honolulu, Hawaii
Limited fresh water supplies on the island of Oahu create the need for a facility that produces two levels of recycled water; one for irrigation and another with higher quality for industrial use.

Singapore Public Utilities Board
This utility has a long history of water reclamation and the NEWater project utilizes recycled water as an addition to drinking water reservoirs. Advanced treated recycled water is added to a drinking water reservoir in the NEWater project. A similar process used in the United States is called "reservoir augmentation."

* Photos are a recycled water meter and test station in a business area in Sorrento Valley (City distribution system) and a stack of recycled water pipes ready for installation in the City's recycled water distribution system.

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