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Water Reuse Study E-Update - March 2005

The Water Reuse Study team has created this "E-Update" to bring you up-to-date on Study activities and provide news about the recycled water industry. Each issue will be posted on this website. We are sending e-mail announcements of new issues to persons who have expressed an interest in the Study. If you did not receive an e-mail announcement and would like to, please join our news group. If you did receive an announcement about this issue, you are automatically in the news group.

If you are new to the Water Reuse Study, the Study Overview will provide helpful background information. The Frequently Asked Questions section contains additional material that also may be of interest.

Assembly Bill 371 - Water Recycling Act of 2005

Assembly Bill 371, introduced during the current legislative session, would authorize the implementation of recommendations made by the Recycled Water Task Force. On July 3, 2003 the Task Force forwarded a series of recommendations to the Legislature that are intended to streamline regulations related to recycled water. These recommendations include:

  • Adherence by local jurisdictions to uniform statewide water recycling criteria established by the Department of Health Services;
  • Coordinate regulatory programs of the State and Regional Water Quality Control Boards;
  • Clarify that the state's regulations on the highest quality treated and recycled water take precedence over regulations enacted by local authorities; and
  • Increase the use of recycled water by using it for firefighting and dual plumbing of buildings.

If approved, AB 371 would implement these recommendations from the Recycled Water Task Force and will be known as the Water Recycling Act of 2005. This Act is intended to help the state meet its goal of recycling one million acre-feet of water per year by the year 2010. To view the legislation, visit the California State Assembly website at http://www.assembly.ca.gov/acs/acsframeset2text.htm, select "Current session" and enter 371 in the "Bill Number" search field.

California WateReuse Conference 2005

The California Section of the WateReuse Association hosted its annual conference in San Diego from February 27-March 1. The conference attracted over 300 participants and 40 speakers from throughout the state who engaged the group in a wide variety of issues associated with water recycling.

Topics included Water Quality, Planning and Reliability, Public Information and Outreach Programs, Financial Issues, Innovative Uses, as well as Desalination and Salinity Management. Panels including representatives from the building industry discussed recycled water planning. Recycled water customers also participated on panels to discuss use issues from their points of view.

Ed Means of McGuire Environmental, Inc., who facilitated the October 2004 American Assembly Workshop for the Water Reuse Study 2005, was one of the featured speakers. His remarks highlighted his experiences with the Study and the American Assembly.

The papers presented at the conference will be available by mid-March on the WateReuse Association website, www.watereuse.org.

American Assembly Participants Involved in Outreach Efforts

The Water Reuse Study 2005 public involvement team has a new partner in its outreach efforts. A number of American Assembly participants will be joining City Water Department staff to brief editors and reporters for local newspapers about the Study and to share their experience in the American Assembly process. Briefings are currently scheduled with La Prensa, Filipino Press, Asia, and El Sol de San Diego.

The American Assembly, comprised of a wide variety of stakeholders from across San Diego, was convened for a three-day workshop in October 2004 to provide input on options for increasing water reuse and the criteria to be used in studying these options. They will meet again this summer to provide further input on the analysis of the various water reuse options. If you would like to read more about the American Assembly process and the October workshop, visit www.sandiego.gov/water/purewater/waterreusestudy/involvement.shtml.

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