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Water Reuse Study E-Update - July 2006

The Water Reuse Study team has created this "E-Update" to keep you up-to-date on Study activities and provide news about the recycled water industry. Each issue will be posted on this website. We are sending e-mail announcements of new issues to persons who have expressed an interest in the Study. If you did not receive an e-mail announcement and would like to, please join our news group. If you did receive an announcement about this issue, you are automatically in the news group.

If you are new to the Water Reuse Study, the Study Overview will provide helpful background information. The Frequently Asked Questions section contains additional material that may also be of interest.

Natural Resources and Culture Committee Hears Water Reuse Study

The San Diego City Council's Natural Resources and Culture Committee (NR&C) heard an agenda item on the Water Reuse Study on July 26. The Committee viewed a brief PowerPoint presentation from Water Department Director, Jim Barrett. There were several speakers who addressed the Committee in the public comment period. The majority of the speakers were participants in the City of San Diego Assembly on Water Reuse and mentioned their participation in the American Assembly-style workshops in their comments.

The NR&C members then discussed the Study and some of the elements of the various strategies outlined in the Final Draft Report. Public outreach activities mentioned in the Report and the costs associated with the various strategies were a large part of the Committee members' comments.

At the conclusion of the discussion, the Committee voted on a motion before them. The four Committee members voted unanimously to send the Study Final Draft Report to the full City Council for consideration and discussion this September or October. In their motion, the Committee made no comments or recommendations on any of the strategies, including the indirect potable reuse options of reservoir augmentation. The Committee stated that they wanted an opportunity for more City residents to hear about the water reuse options and recycled water through public meetings, workshops or forums before the Council heard the item. The agenda of the July 26, 2006 NR&C Committee meeting and the minutes (when available) are posted on the City's Web site.

The meeting was taped by City TV and can be viewed by accessing this site http://granicus.sandiego.gov/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=14 and selecting "view video" next to the listing for Natural Resources and Culture (NR&C) Jul 26, 2006. The agenda item on the Water Reuse Study begins at time stamp 16:48 and concludes at time stamp 01:43:39.

Pipeline from South Bay Plant to Otay Water District Nearing Completion

The Otay Water District is working on the construction of its new six-mile long pipeline to connect with the City of San Diego's South Bay Water Reclamation Plant. The project includes the 30-inch diameter recycled water pipeline, a 16-million gallon per day pump station, and a 12-million gallon recycled water reservoir.

The pipeline, which runs through the South San Diego communities of San Ysidro and Montgomery, was installed underneath an I-805 overpass and was encased in a tunnel under the Otay River. Since part of the installation was in heavily traveled streets in San Diego, some of the work was done at night to decrease impacts to commuters. Currently, the pipeline installation is 90 percent complete and the pump station and reservoir are 50 percent complete.

Once the facilities come on-line, the City of San Diego will sell up to 6 million gallons per day of recycled water produced at the South Bay Water Reclamation Plant to the Otay Water District on a wholesale basis.

Students 'Walk on Water' at North City Water Reclamation Plant

The City of San Diego's Water Reuse Program staff hosted a "behind the scenes& tour at the North City Water Reclamation Plant on July 19 for introductory level biology students from San Diego's Mesa College. The students were accompanied by an instructor and laboratory technician from the college. The tour's goal was to show the students how recycled water is produced from start to finish and to emphasize the importance of recycled water as a water supply to help meet the region's future needs.

The students gave positive feedback to the City staff at the end of the tour. Many said that the highlight of the day was visiting the plant's lab and seeing "the bugs eat the particles in the wastewater" (the secondary stage of treatment). The students' evaluation forms included the following comments:

"The details given during the tour were very educational."
"I feel well informed about recycled water now rather than before I experienced the tour."
"I loved the fact we were able to walk on top of the water, awesome." (the students walked on top of the covered primary settling tanks at the plant)

The Water Department staff provide services and support for customers who use recycled water from the North City plant for irrigation and industrial purposes. They also identify and work with future wholesale and retail customers that can be connected to the distribution system from both water reclamation plants.

Recycled Water Conference Set for September

The WateReuse Association, the Water Environment Federation, and the American Water Works Association will host the WateReuse Association's 21st Annual Symposium, September 10-13, 2006 in Hollywood, California. This year's symposium will focus on both recycled water and desalination and have speakers addressing many facets of these industries in workshops and programs.

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