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Water Reuse Study E-Update - September 2005

The Water Reuse Study team has created this "E-Update" to bring you up-to-date on Study activities and provide news about the recycled water industry. Each issue will be posted on this website. We are sending e-mail announcements of new issues to persons who have expressed an interest in the Study. If you did not receive an e-mail announcement and would like to, please join our news group. If you did receive an announcement about this issue, you are automatically in the news group.

If you are new to the Water Reuse Study, the Study Overview will provide helpful background information. The Frequently Asked Questions section contains additional material that also may be of interest.

Water Reuse Study Video Complete

An educational video about the Water Reuse Study 2005 was recently completed by the Study team. This video provides important information about San Diego's water supply needs, options for increasing the use of recycled water, and examples of other water reuse projects across the country.

One clip shows an animated sequence illustrating how "advance treated" recycled water is produced. The other shows examples of the six options for using recycled water that were addressed in the Study. The full-length video will be used in various public involvement activities, including community presentations.

Importance of Public Outreach in Water Reuse

Public outreach and education is a critical component of successful water recycling projects worldwide. Since the beginning of the Water Reuse Study in spring 2004, the Study team has been actively reaching out to the community to provide information about water reuse in general and seeking public input about the options being considered for increased water reuse. These efforts have included:

  • Speakers bureau presentations to community, business and civic organizations (84 presentations overall, to date)
  • Stakeholder interviews to seek input from organizations interested in water issues
  • Two workshops using an American Assembly-style format
  • Partnering on a water issues telephone opinion survey
  • Development of a Study website
  • Distribution of Study brochures
  • Informal on-line opinion survey and dedicated e-mail account
  • Production of an educational video
  • A monthly "E-update" providing up-to-date information about developments in the Study

As the Study moves forward, the Study team is actively seeking more opportunities to share information with the public. If you would like to request a presentation for your organization or make a referral to the Study team, please call the Speakers Bureau at (619) 533-6638 or e-mail [email protected]

City of San Diego Assembly for Water Reuse Article in Water Bill Insert

The fall water bill insert "The Waterline," contains an article about the Reuse Study's July 2005 workshop. The article is titled, "Workshop participants endorse variety of ways to increase recycled water use." The insert will reach the City's 265,000 water customers over a period of about 30 days and began September 13. The fall "Waterline" is also located on the Water Department's website at PDF icon http://www.sandiego.gov/water/pdf/press/waterlinefall.pdf.

NOTE: The "City of San Diego Assembly for Water Reuse" is the new, revised term used to describe the "American Assembly-style" workshops held in October 2004 and July 2005.

Autumn Is the Ideal Time for Xeriscape Planting

The autumn months are the best time to install drought-tolerant plants (xeriscape plants) in your yard or commercial landscaped areas. The City's Water Department has an excellent conservation program designed to give residents advice on choosing the proper plant materials for our climate and appropriate watering schedules. Here are some ideas on how to conserve water outdoors, help our environment and have a healthy, drought-tolerant landscape:

  • Attend the October 8, 2005 "California-Friendly Gardening Festival" at the Water Conservation Garden on the campus of Cuyamaca College in El Cajon. The Festival will be held from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM and showcases the beautiful 4.2 acre water conservation demonstration garden. Not only can visitors see examples of xeriscape plants and landscape design, but the Festival will have workshops for gardeners, plant sales and fun activities for children. The City of San Diego is a member of the garden's governing board.
  • The City's conservation office provided three easy steps in a recent media release on how to get your garden ready for fall. Included in this information is how to reduce your watering amounts for autumn by accessing the award-winning "Landscape Watering Calculator" available on the Water Department's website. PDF icon http://www.sandiego.gov/water/pdf/press/050920.pdf

Water Reuse Study Featured at 20th Annual WateReuse Symposium

Two members of the Water Reuse Study team were speakers at the 20th Annual WateReuse Symposium, held September 18-21 in Denver, Colorado. Hosted by the WateReuse Association, the American Water Works Association, and the Water Environment Federation, the symposium highlighted the latest information on water reuse technologies and issues. The Water Reuse Study's Director discussed the Study's scope of work and public outreach efforts, and the Study's Community Outreach Specialist gave a how-to presentation on conducting a focused speakers bureau. For more information on the WateReuse Association's September Symposium, visit http://www.watereuse.org.

In the News

News Articles of Interest - a chronological compilation with links to articles, materials and information about recycled water and related topics. Recent additions include:

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  • Speakers Bureau information - how to contact the Study team for a presentation, a list of completed presentations, and a downloadable flyer on the Speakers Bureau.
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