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Water Reuse Study E-Update - October 2005

The Water Reuse Study team has created this "E-Update" to keep you up-to-date on Study activities and provide news about the recycled water industry. Each issue will be posted on this website. We are sending e-mail announcements of new issues to persons who have expressed an interest in the Study. If you did not receive an e-mail announcement and would like to, please join our news group. If you did receive an announcement about this issue, you are automatically in the news group.

If you are new to the Water Reuse Study, the Study Overview will provide helpful background information. The Frequently Asked Questions section contains additional material that may also be of interest.

Member of Independent Advisory Panel named "Person of the Year"

James Crook, PhD, P.E., a member of the Independent Advisory Panel (IAP) reviewing the Water Reuse Study, was named "Person of the Year" at the National WateReuse Symposium in Denver in September 2005. Dr. Crook was recognized for his professional and volunteer efforts to further understanding and use of water reclamation. He has more than 30 years experience in state government and consulting engineering; serving public and private sectors in the U.S. and abroad. He has authored more than 100 publications, and is an internationally recognized expert in water reclamation and reuse.

Groundbreaking for Recycled Water Line Connection to South Bay Plant

On October 24, 2005, the Otay Water District celebrated the groundbreaking of a new recycled water pipeline that will receive water from the City of San Diego's South Bay Water Reclamation Plant. This $15 million project is part of a landmark multi-year purchase agreement with the City, allowing the Otay Water District to purchase up to 6 million gallons per day of recycled water from the South Bay Plant. The six-mile long pipeline is 30 inches in diameter and will convey up to 7,000 acre-feet of recycled water per year to customers in eastern Chula Vista. The water will be used to irrigate street medians, parks, golf courses and large open space areas in communities such as Eastlake and Otay Ranch.

Recycled Water Production Passes Eight Billion Gallon Mark

As of October 1, 2005, more than eight billion gallons of recycled water produced at the North City Water Reclamation Plant have been beneficially reused since the plant opened in September 1997. The water is being used for irrigation, toilet flushing, cooling towers, dust suppression, and construction.

The plant provides recycled water to more than 350 City customer meters. Some of the largest customers are the Metropolitan Biosolids Center, Miramar Marine Corps Air Station Golf Course, Torrey Pines Golf Course, Miramar Environmental Services Landfill, and the University of California, San Diego.

Water Reuse Study Video on Local Cable Channels and at Libraries

The educational video about the Water Reuse Study is currently airing on CityTV's government access channel (Channel 24 on both Cox and Time Warner Cables). Residents can also check out the video at the City's public libraries. Copies in VHS format are available at 12 local branches as well as the main downtown library. The video can also be requested for delivery and pick up at any City public library branch.

U.S. Military Looks at Turning Vehicle Exhaust into Drinking Water

The U.S. Army is testing a system that could turn vehicle exhaust into a drinking water supply. The new technology was covered in an October 6 article of the European edition of the Wall Street Journal. Two military Humvees are being tested for the Army in the Baltimore area. Each truck bed contains a system that can recover water from engine exhaust, purifying up to half of the liquid volume of fuel in the vehicle's tank. The process uses a catalytic converter, a heat exchange mechanism, a series of filters and chlorine. The water is available through an outside spigot and a spout inside the vehicle's cab. This technology is being explored to help the military in its efforts to keep troops in desert regions supplied with water for drinking, cooking and medical needs.

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