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Float Tubes and Waders

Waders or hip boots must be worn at all times while wading for the purpose of fishing.

The definition of a "Float Tube" is a floating device which suspends a single occupant in the water from the seat down and is not propelled by oars, paddles, wind (sail) or motors. You may not use a paddle to assist movement. You may use fins which fasten to your feet or hands.

Waders (or hip boots) must be in sound condition and completely cover the immersed portion of an angler's body so as to prevent sustained, direct body contact with the water. No wetsuits.

Waders must be worn at all times while float tube fishing. Use of float tubes restricted to within 150 feet or less from shore.

A U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation device must be readily available at all times while float tube fishing. All float tube anglers must possess a readily available horn or whistle to warn approaching craft.

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