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Recycled Water Master Plan

On July 24, 1989, the Water Reclamation Ordinance was adopted into the San Diego Municipal Code (Chapter 6, Article 4, Division 8). This ordinance requires the Water Department to prepare a Water Reclamation Master Plan to define, encourage, and develop the use of recycled water within the City of San Diego.

Updated every five years, the Recycled Water Master Plan conveys the location and size of present and future water reclamation treatment plants and outlines current and future recycled water distribution pipelines, pump stations and reservoirs. A cost estimate for future facilities and a schedule for implementation are also included. The plan also evaluates opportunities to increase the use of recycled water and identifies areas in San Diego where recycled water could be used in lieu of potable water supplies.

The complete master plan is divided into sections and will require Acrobat Reader to open.

Updated Water Reclamation Master Plan 2000

The Updated Recycled Water Master Plan 2005 will be presented to the San Diego City Council for consideration in 2006.

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