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Steps to Getting Connected to Recycled Water

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  1. Site Assessment
    City of San Diego staff conducts on-site preliminary assessment of the existing water system(s) for potential use sites located adjacent to the recycled water distribution system. To see if your property is adjacent to the recycled water pipelines check out our interactive maps.
  2. Prepare Design
    Customer prepares plans according to State and County health regulations and the City of San Diego Recycled Water System Guidelines and Standards. Refer to the City of San Diego Recycled Water Rules & Regulations for specifics.
  3. Design Review and Plan Check Plans must be reviewed and approved by the City of San Diego and the County of San Diego.

    City of San Diego review -

    • Fill out a PDF icon general application form and a PDF icon Deposit Account/Financial Responsible Party form and submit with three (3) sets of recycled water plans, site plans, public improvement drawings and a plan review deposit of $2,400 to:

      Public Utilities Department/Recycled Water Program
      525 B Street, 7th floor,
      San Diego, CA 92101

      Office hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Checks and money orders payable to City Treasurer.

    • For cooling tower, industrial or dual plumbing (toilet/urinals) plan review - three sets of plumbing plans and an engineering report are required in addition to the site plans and deposit noted above.
    • Plan check process is conducted by city staff and takes approximately 10 business days to complete. Customers are notified upon plan approval.

    County of San Diego review -
    Complete PDF icon County application form and submit two sets of plans to:

    County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health
    5500 Overland Avenue, Suite 210
    San Diego, CA 92123

    For assistance call (619) 607-8351, (858) 505-6700, or (800) 253-9933.

  4. Pre-Construction Inspection
    Following plan approval and prior to the start of construction a pre-construction inspection must be scheduled with the City of San Diego's Public Utilities Department Recycled Water Program. Call (619) 533-5358 or email to schedule.
  5. Meter Service Request Customer initiates meter request by calling (619) 533-5358 or email. Following meter service request processing, meter fees will be calculated and customer will be notified. Recycled water meter, service and inspection fees are payable to:

    City of San Diego
    Development Services Department
    1222 First Avenue, 4th floor
    San Diego, CA 92101

    Business hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Wednesday - 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Schedule cross-connection shutdown test with Public Utilities Department staff (619) 533- 5358 or email. Test will be conducted by City of San Diego staff following completion of construction.

  6. Pre-connection Inspection and System Shutdown Test
    Once on-site construction is completed and prior to the final connection to the recycled water system, Public Utilities Department staff, in conjunction with the County Department of Environmental health, conducts a system shutdown test. Call (619) 533-5358 or email to schedule appointment.
  7. Initiate Service
    Call Public Utilities Department Customer Service to initiate service (619) 515-3500.
  8. Required Training
    Authorized customer representative is required to attend the Recycled Water Site Supervisor Course offered by the City of San Diego.
  9. Annual Inspections/Shutdown Test/Cross-Connection Control Test
    Annual recycled water system inspections are performed by the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department. Every four years a cross-connection test is conducted by the City of San Diego and the County Department of Environmental Health.
  10. Information For more information call (619) 533-5358, email, or visit the City's web site at www.sandiego.gov/water/recycled.


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