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Fire Inspections

The Fire Inspection Program is the backbone of fire prevention in the city. The majority of inspections performed in the city are done by the engine and truck company personnel.

The Area Advisor is responsible for overseeing the engine and truck company inspections. The Advisor is the liaison between the fire company and the customer when the customer has a question or needs help in arranging an inspection time. You can reach the Advisor for a particular area at (619) 533-4400.

Inspections performed yearly include public assemblies (places where more than 49 people gather), schools, day-care facilities, residential care facilities, multiple-unit residential buildings, nursing homes and other institutional facilities. State law requires an annual inspection of multiple-unit residential buildings and of schools.

Questions related to this program should be addressed to the Program Manager at (619) 533-4400.

Inspection Checklists

The checklists and videos provide detailed information to business owners and occupants so they can keep their occupancies code compliant and be prepared for annual inspections.

Group R1 and R2 R1 occupancies house residents temporarily (hotels, boarding houses for instance) and R2 occupancies have permanent residents (apartments, dormitories, fraternities for instance). Read and print the checklist and view the video.

Group R-3.1 R-3.1 occupancies are 24 hour residential care facilities. Read and print the checklist and view the video.

Group A Group A occupancies are for the gathering together of people. The type of gathering determines the sub-occupancy. Read and print the checklist and view the video.