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Clairemont Mesa

Photo of Park and Playground

The Clairemont Mesa community, encompassing approximately 13.3 square miles, lies south of State Route 52, west of Interstate 805, north of the Linda Vista community, and east of Interstate 5.

Clairemont Mesa is one of the first post-World War II suburban developments in the City of San Diego, with many of its homes built in the 1950s and 1960s. The area is largely defined by its prominent topography. Developed areas of Clairemont Mesa sit primarily atop mesas punctuated by several major canyon systems, with San Clemente Canyon to the north and Tecolote Canyon weaving through the center of the community. Many of the neighborhoods in the western portion of the community enjoy views of Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Several significant commercial centers serve Clairemont Mesa and are located at the intersections of major transportation corridors, such as Clairemont Drive and Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, as well as Balboa Avenue and Genesee Ave. Smaller pockets of commercial development are interspersed throughout the community and along Morena Boulevard.

Transit service currently consists of a number of local and express bus lines, however, the Metropolitan Transit Development Board (MTDB) is in the process of improving future service to the Mid-Coast corridor.

Balboa Avenue Revitalization Action Program

Morena Boulevard Station Area Planning Study

The Morena Boulevard Station Area Planning Study proposes land use and mobility changes adjacent to the Mid-Coast trolley stations at Tecolote Road and Clairemont Drive within the Clairemont Mesa and Linda Vista community planning areas. The Clairemont Mesa Community Planning Group, and concerned Bay Park residents and small business owners, have expressed opposition to some of the previous draft recommendations. Due to a lack of community support for how the study could impact future development on certain key parcels, the Study has been revised and the following recommendations are to be carried forward through the implementation process:

  • Maintain the existing Clairemont Mesa Height Limit Overlay Zone as outlined in the community plan and in Municipal Code Chapter 13, Article 2, Division 13.
  • Re-evaluate recommended residential densities in light of community concerns related to traffic and view shed impacts associated with new development.
  • Maintain parking along the west side of Morena Boulevard (between Napier Street and Littlefield Street), until a more permanent parking solution is identified that ensures reasonable availability of parking for businesses along the corridor.

Morena Blvd Station Area Planning Study (PDF)


The second phase of the planning process will include the refinement and environmental analysis of the study’s proposals and the preparation of amendments to the Clairemont Mesa and Linda Vista community plans and facilities financing plans to implement the study recommendations.

If you would like to provide comment on the plan, you can submit your comments to Michael Prinz via email at

Project Overview

By engaging the community, the Study will be used to guide future community plan land use policy changes to support transit-oriented development adjacent to the two programmed Mid-Coast Light Rail Transit Extension stations at Tecolote and Clairemont Mesa and the existing Green Line light rail Morena Boulevard transit station.

The Morena Boulevard Station Area Planning Study will engage the community to make future community plan policy changes and physical multimodal mobility improvements in order to increase access to transit at the two programmed Mid-Coast Light Rail Transit stations at Tecolote Road and Clairemont Drive. The study will identify strategies to achieve sustainable transit ridership for new and existing services, improve neighborhood walkability and bicycle routes, and support transit-oriented development that will provide high-quality housing, employment, and community spaces for residents of Clairemont and Linda Vista consistent with the City’s General Plan.

The study report will meet the following objectives within the Station Area:

  • A conceptual vision for future transit oriented land use and urban design that encourages residential, retail, and employment uses near the (Light Rail Transit) LRT stations and strategies to implement the vision;
  • Information about how the proposed and existing LRT stations will affect community mobility and land use demand;
  • Economic information on the factors driving decisions about developing Transit Oriented Development (TOD) projects in the study area, and on the available means to fund non-motorized mobility improvements;
  • Information about existing environmental, economic, and land use conditions that could inhibit TOD in the Station Area to help inform the planning process; and
  • A multimodal mobility concept plan that works in concert with the land use and contains a prioritized non-motorized mobility and multi-modal connectivity improvements with planning level cost estimates needed at the planned and existing LRT stations as well as the surrounding areas aimed at creating an inviting and safe pedestrian, bicycle, and transit environment and facilitating traffic circulation.

Study Area

The Morena Boulevard Station Area is within the communities of Linda Vista and Clairemont Mesa as shown on the Station Area Boundary map. This includes the planned Mid-Coast Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations at the intersections of Morena Boulevard with Clairemont Drive and with Tecolote Drive and the existing Green Line LRT station at Morena Boulevard and Linda Vista Road.

Working Documents

  • Existing Conditions Presentation

Public Outreach Efforts

The Third Public Workshop was held on Tuesday November 12 th from 6:00pm to 8:30pm. The Workshop took place at the San Diego Humane Society at 5550 Gaines Street San Diego, CA 92110.

Draft Land Use Concepts

Walk Audit

On Saturday April 6, 2013, community members, City staff, and the consultant team participated in a walk audit of the Study Area to foster discussion with community stakeholders about the topics of mobility and land use/urban form; 2) provide stakeholders a “walking perspective” of the study area; and 3) provide a forum where community stakeholders can identify the location of both successful areas as well as those in need of improvement. The walk is designed to allow participants to respond to questions and record their own observations.

The walk audit routes and instructions are provided below:

If you would like to conduct the walk audit on your own, you can submit your comments to Michael Prinz via email at . Please provide any comments by the end of April.

How Do I Get Involved?

There are several ways to get involved in the Morena Boulevard Planning Study

  • Study Website - This website will be updated regularly as the study progresses to provide more information on the alternatives, the analysis, and next steps.
  • Contact Us - Use the email link below to send us your thoughts and comments. All comments received will be considered in developing and analyzing the land use and transportation proposals. Email Michael Prinz at